Gift Wave of Light

It is with this intention,
this Wave of Light is sent to all.

Intention Each Sunday

Please take the time to pass your intention on to the next wave of light group each Sunday so we may all see where people are “wave lighting”. The time of day the intention is set is crucial to contributing to the wave around the planet.

Intention During the Week

In addition to Sunday at 9 AM, every person is most welcome to send this intention as often as they wish throughout the week.

Counter – Where Large Group “Wave Lighting”

Where the counter is not able to record a large group contributing at one time, please email. The total count will then be added to your time zone total. Thank you.

Time Zone Reference Guide

Please find your time zone on this link here if at all unsure.


No personal information is stored. The counting is strictly to witness the momentum building around the planet week on week by time zone towards the light. Counter will be set back to zero each week Saturday Midnight GMT.